Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Security+ Books from Amazon Prime

Two Security+ books are now available through the Kindle lending library, a new feature of Amazon Prime. If you have any version of a Kindle and Amazon Prime, you can check out any available book for free for a month. Books for both the SY0-201 and SY0-301 Security+ exams are available to check out.

Two Security+ Books Available

The following two Security+ books are a part of this program so you can checkout either one without charge.
While Amazon has created Kindle applications to run on just about any platform, the lending library doesn't currently work with these applications. I really don't know if they plan to add it later or not. However, if you don't have a Kindle, you can still get these two books for only $9.99 using one of these free applications.

These Security+ books are also available in paperback versions.

Amazon Prime Benefits

I've had Amazon Prime for quite a while and have been very happy with it. It costs $79 annually but you can try it out for a free one month trial. It has the following benefits:
  • Free two-day shipping on products shipped from Amazon
  • Instant streaming of movies and TV shows
  • Instant access to thousands of books

Kindle Versions

There are several versions of Kindles available and for reading books, I've been very happy with it. I have an iPad but don't find it as easy to read books from the iPad as the Kindle.

Also, I recently purchased the new Kindle Fire and have been impressed with it too. It works very similar to the iPad. I don't think it'll be an iPad killer but it has a lot of similar functionality and has great potential.

If you're studying for the Security+ exam and you have a Kindle and Amazon Prime, be sure to check out the new lending library. If you don't have these though, you can still get some good quality Security+ study materials. Best of luck in your studies.