Monday, May 28, 2012

Darril Gibson's Projects

I've been busy with several projects recently, including putting together the Darril Gibson website so I haven't been able to post as often as I would have liked. However, on this Memorial Day I thought I'd jot down a few notes letting people know what I've been up to.
  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide is off to the printer. I worked with two outstanding authors (James M. Stewart and Mike Chapple) on this project and it covers the updated objectives for the CISSP exam.
  • A+ Training Kit. I've been actively working on this book for the new 220-801 and 220-802 objectives. I like the way the new objectives are laid out and am pretty happy with the progress of the book. Bill Talbott is doing a great job as a technical editor and Jose Vargas has provided me with some great technical information on hardware topics and even provided input to a couple of chapters.
  • Professional Development. I've been taking an online class for authors that has been giving me some great information. Over the years, I've taken many technical courses to learn new material so it made a lot of sense for me to take a class designed for authors. One of the trainers strongly suggested creating a site with your name so I took some time to do that. You can see it here:
  • Windows 8. I've been playing around with Windows 8 quite a bit in anticipation of its release. I've used both VMWare and Oracle's VirtualBox to install it on virtual systems because Microsoft doesn't have a 64-bit virtualization product. That will change with Windows 8 though. Windows 8 will include Hyper-V allowing you to install 64-bit virtual operating systems.
  • Tweets by Darril Gibson. I'm still putting out daily tips on Network+ and Security+ topics via Twitter. Thankfully, I have the help of to schedule them.
  • CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Practice Test Questions (Get Certified Get Ahead). I've received feedback from several readers letting me know this has helped them take and pass the exam. Others have liked the mobile app with practice test questions. I have some notes for a quick cert guide and worked on chapters as a supplement for the practice test questions but so far other projects are consuming my time. My brother is working on a full book and when it comes I'll let you know.
  • CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide. I regularly receive emails from people that have successfully passed the exam after using this book and from instructors that are using it to help their students take and pass the exam. Last week I heard from an instructor in Okinawa Japan which brought back memories of my time there - it's a beautiful island. I also hear from people about how the Security+ SY0-301 Audio and the mobile app with practice test questions has helped them.
  • Updated Bio. During one of the author classes I attended, Nancy Juetten gave a great presentation on updating bios. She mentioned that you should be able to have a two sentence bio, a 50 word bio, a 100 word bio, and a 300 word bio. These are worthwhile for anyone and if you have them, you can easily plug it into a resume or cover letter. Here's my two sentence bio:
"Years ago, Darril Gibson set a goal to become a full time author and write books that help others. Since then, he has authored or coauthored more than 25 books and regularly receives emails from readers sharing their successes with him after reading one of his books."

Give it a try. See if you can write your own two sentence bio that gives some insight into who you are.

Happy Memorial Day and good luck in all your adventures,

Darril Gibson