Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Network+ Practice Test Questions Book Update

Network+ Practice Test Questions Book Update

I just updated the Network+ Practice Test Questions book (CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Practice Test Questions (Get Certified Get Ahead)).

Some of the changes are minor text issues to correct typos. However, a much bigger change is the addition of a section on performance based questions. It provides a list of the different types of performance based questions you might see along with some examples.

I also modified the labels of the different sections for each chapter, hopefully to make them clearer.
  • Quiz mode section. It shows a practice test question on one screen so that you can focus on only the question without seeing the answer. When you decide what you think is the correct answer, go to the next Kindle screen to see if you’re correct. 
  • Flash cards section.  One Kindle screen shows a flash card type question and the next Kindle screen shows the answer. If the flash card question or answer includes an acronym, it is spelled out on the answer screen.
  • Practice test mode section. This section repeats the questions in the Quiz Mode section but it doesn’t have the correct answers and explanations readily available. This allows you to go through all of the questions in the section without seeing the answers as you go through them. Use this section to test your readiness. Ideally, you should be able to look at the answers and know why the correct answer is correct, and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. Don’t worry if you’re not sure though. The next section repeats the question with the full answer and explanation.
  • Review mode section. This section repeats the questions from the practice test mode section but also includes the answers on the same screen.
Each chapter includes all four sections and you can use one of the sections to study from, or all of them.

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Performance Based Question Links

This page includes links to multiple Network+ blogs I've written. It also includes a section titled Network+ Performance Based Questions with these links:

Kindle Shorts

I'm also writing chapters on the Network+ exam and publishing them as Kindle Shorts. So far, I have published two:

Practice Test Questions for your Mobile Device

Instead of the Kindle book, you can purchase these questions for your mobile device. I've partnered with Learnzapp and they have published several apps for a variety of different platforms.

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