Thursday, March 13, 2014

Get Certified Get Ahead Blog Site Back Up

Woo Hoo!

After an extensive outage on the Get Certified Get Ahead blog site, I'm happy to report that the blog site is back up. This includes the popular Security+ Blog Links page which includes links to many blog articles on performance based questions. 

If you tried to access this site between Mar 1 and Mar 10, you probably noticed some problems. It was on a shared server and the shared server was attacked. It took the technicians over a week to restore it and even after restoring it, the server continued to have problems.

Sometimes, when you pay more, you get more.

That's why I upgraded that site to "Business Class" last year hoping for better performance and reliability. 

Unfortunately, sometimes when you pay more, you get less.

I've since moved the site to a dedicated server with LiquidWeb, famous for its heroic support. I've been running (the site hosting study packages such as practice test questions and flashcards) with LiquidWeb and have experienced firsthand their heroic support. It's not exaggerated. I still have some things to fix on the blog site after the move, but thankfully, it's doing much better.

I'm Celebrating

In celebration of restoring this site I'm holding a short sale on the Security+ Full Access Package (60 day access). This package includes practice test questions (including five sets of simulated performance based questions), flashcards, Remember This slides, and over four hours of audio. 
  • Total when purchased separately: $53.94
  • Introductory price: $39.98
  • Special until March 17: Only $19.99
You can pay a lot more for Security+ materials with other testing providers. 

Just remember, sometimes when you pay more, you get less.

Thanks to everyone that has shared their success with me after passing exams with some of my materials. I love the note I received from a recent user: 

"Passed it, mate. Cut a 825 after only 24 hours of intense study using your website. Best $30 I spent. Thanks."