Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Data Loss Prevention

Can you answer this Security+ question on data loss prevention?

Data loss prevention 

Security+ Practice Test Question - Data Loss Prevention

Of the following choices, what benefits are provided by DLP techniques? (SELECT Three.)
    A. Prevent users printing certain data to printers
    B. Prevent users from copying certain data to USB drives
    C. Prevent users from reading certain files on their computer.
    D. Prevent users from sending certain data outside the organization via email
Data loss prevention techniques inspect data looking for unauthorized data transmissions. A network-based data loss prevention (DLP) system inspects data in motion. Storage-based DLP systems inspect data at rest. Endpoint-based DLP systems inspect data in use. In some situations, a DLP security control prevents the use of hardware with the goal of preventing data losses.
You may also see this term as data leak prevention.