Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Protecting SCADA Systems

Protecting SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems has become an important topic within the context of Security over the years. If you're planning on taking the Security+ exam, it's important topic to understand.
For example, can you answer this sample Security+ practice test question?
Q. Lisa oversees and monitors processes at a water treatment plant using SCADA systems. Administrators recently discovered malware on her system that was connecting to the SCADA systems. Although they removed the malware, management is still concerned. Lisa needs to continue using her system and it’s not possible to update the SCADA systems. What can mitigate this risk?
A. Install HIPS on the SCADA systems.
B. Install a firewall on the border of the SCADA network.
C. Install a NIPS on the border of the SCADA network.
D. Install a honeypot on the SCADA network.
More, do you know why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are incorrect? The answer and explanation are available here.