Saturday, October 17, 2009

SY0-201 Practice Exam Question

Sally is using a Bluetooth enabled device.  She asks you what the best protection is that she can use to protect this device.  What do you tell her?

  A. Ensuring the Bluetooth device is in discovery mode

  B. Ensuring the Bluetooth device is in non-discovery mode

  C. Ensuring the Bluetooth device has bluejacking disabled.

  D. Ensuring the Bluetooth device has bluesnarfing disabled.
Answer listed below

You can read a blog on risks and vulnerabilities for Bluetooth devices here:

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The correct answer is B.

Ensuring a Bluetooth device is in non-discover mode is the best protection against bluesnarfing and bluejacking attacks. When in discovery mode, Bluetooth devices can easily be exploited. Bluesnarfing is the unauthorized access to or theft of information from a Bluetooth device.Bluejacking is the unauthorized sending of text messages from a Bluetooth device.

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2.7 Explain the vulnerabilities and implement mitigations associated
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• Bluejacking
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